Pier 40

New York City

Originally designed as a passenger ship terminal, Pier 40 stood vacant for decades before C&K took over the property located at the end of West Houston Street on the Hudson River waterfront. Within a year, they completely recapitalized the asset and leased 100 percent of the 1.2 million square foot structure to top-tier corporate tenants including Federal Express, Airborne Express and The New York Times.  At the same time, C&K worked with various local community groups and state agencies to construct youth sports fields within the structure and to open a pedestrian walkway around and through the pier, re-establishing a neighborhood connection with the river.

C&K no longer manages the facility but is proud that its stewardship of Pier 40 helped revitalize Manhattan’s West Side. Today, Pier 40 is managed by the Hudson River Park Trust, who has maintained its structural stability and created a new opportunity to reconnect New Yorkers with the waterfront.