Additional Projects



    Our goal is to create and reposition real estate developments that positively impact their surrounding communities through smart investments, implementing a future-driven vision and applying a socially conscious approach to every project.

    We aim to achieve this by focusing on five core values:

    • Building Sustainable Communities

      Our investments are made in locations that have the potential to become sustainable models of modern, urban, mixed-use developments. We prioritize areas with robust public transportation networks, proximity to higher education institutions, a growing professional talent pool and the necessary infrastructure to support a burgeoning community.

    • Quality Housing for All

      A key component to establishing successful urban communities is developing the appropriate density and housing mix for its residents. We understand the need for every community to benefit from a thoughtful combination of high-quality affordable, workforce and market-rate housing and that each segment is reliant on the other to produce a complete, inclusive community.

    • The Importance of Placemaking

      Compelling office, retail, outdoor and cultural spaces are essential pillars of captivating, 24/7 neighborhoods and we work diligently to identify each community’s needs to inform how we develop retail, public spaces and cultural centers.

    • Local Partnerships

      We work closely with local organizations, city and state governments and other area stakeholders such as non-profits, cultural centers and business owners to fully communicate and carefully plan throughout every step of the development process. We understand that local participation in the planning and development process will lead to the best development possible.

    • Innovative Construction Technologies

      Leveraging some of the world’s most renowned architects, master planners and builders, we strive to create projects that deliver superior quality with a lower cost of construction and minimal neighborhood disruption. To achieve this, we employ cutting-edge construction methodologies, such as pre-fabrication and mass timber building design to develop market-leading mixed-use projects.


    Lotus Equity Group LLC is a New York‐based real estate development and investment firm whose senior professionals have a proven ability and commitment to delivering superior risk adjusted returns to investors. Led by Ben Korman, Lotus’ primary focus is on development, re-development and value-add repositioning opportunities in the NYC metropolitan area and in select international capital cities. Lotus’ cross-cultural perspective and innovative thinking are key strengths that allow it to successfully execute high profile projects in collaboration with third parties including government and local agencies.

    Ben Korman is a native Israeli who moved to the United States in 1985. He holds a BS in Civil Engineering from the Technion Institute of Technology in Haifa, Israel and an MBA from Stern School of Business at NYU. He has over 35 years of experience as a real estate investor and operator across multiple asset classes and investment strategies.

    Mr. Korman began his career managing three ground-up condominium developments in New York City. In 1992, he was the co-founder of C&K Properties, and later the founder of Lotus Equity Group. He successfully acquired, developed and enhanced over 10 million square feet of office residential retail and industrial space, representing well over $1B in transactions with complex equity and debt structures in New York City, and other markets.